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Tablet POS that can support 2 HDMI inputs-23.8" capacitive touch

Item # KOS-TP238


This is a brand new flat-panel POS terminal that replaces the traditional dual-screen POS terminal, making the cash register cleaner and easier to clean, and supports the seamless operation of the original dual-screen cash register software.

Support external cash drawer, scanner, printer and other equipment.

​This new flat-panel POS terminal shows two part of window on screen.

This flat-panel POS terminal uses a 23.8-inch FHD display with 10-point capacitive touch. Its feature is that two HDMI signal inputs are displayed on the same display. The two HDMI input images are displayed on the half of the screen. The window is for the waiter to perform touch operations, and another window is displayed for customers to watch, and the customer cannot trigger any operation even if they touch the screen in time. At the same time, a privacy film is attached to the screen operated by the waiter, so that the customer cannot see the operation interface.

Case study- Popeyes first restaurant in Shanghai, China

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