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Smart Social Distancing Solution


Multiple Language UI

smart social distancing kiosk UI-welcome
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The world's first smart social disntacing solution for retail

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Koscar Smart Social Distancing Kiosk


An Innovative solution to help Keeping Social Distance

Application scenario
Entrance to all retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, transportation hubs, government agencies.

smart socila distancing kiosk

SSDK2 is a smart traffic control system for ensuring social distancing and measuring body temperature.   
SSDK2 is super easy to setup;   One tap maximum capacity setting and your choice of display language.

smart social distancing kiosk

Cordless & removable

Powered by rechargeable 20,000mA battery with 12-16 hours continuously working before needing  to recharge.

How it works


SSDK2 automatically counts the number of people who enter and exit.  SSDK2 also automatically reads body temperature measurement with the simple wave of hand in front of SSDK2’s contactless thermo sensor.
For facilities that require body temperature measurement prior to entry, SSDK2 is the perfect solution for keeping people moving quickly.

Within one second of waving your hand close to the thermo sensor to measure your body temperature, if the temperature is normal, and entry number of people less than maximum capacity,  the screen shows green background with welcome wording.For people whose temperature is too high, the red light will turn on and screen will show red Stop Entry warning words, and same time a loud alarm sounds immediately.

Super Easy to Setup, Super Easy to Deploy

One click set all

smart social distancing kiosk setup UI
smart social distancing kiosk UI-welcome entry
stop entry-with temp check.jpg

Two Millions USD Commercial Insurance 

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Cover for worldwide buyers, just tell us your country, we will add it into our commercial insurance 

Temperature measurement and disinfection spray machine 2 in 1

Koscar Sign-In Kiosks with Temperature Measurement & Facial Recognition

Non-contact kiosks automatically read temperature in ~ 1 second. Carry out contactless temperature checks for employees, visitors and customers to identify abnormal temperatures.

Screen all individuals on entry to office buildings, manufacturing plants, factories, healthcare settings, supermarkets, hotels, schools and more. Contact tracing is made easy with full logs of entry times and temperature readings. 

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1-year standard warranty
Contactless temperature check in ~ 1 second
On-screen message displays temperature reading with optional verbal message and traffic light style LEDs
4 configurations: desktop stand, wall mount, floor stand  or integrate into existing surface
Instant email alerts for abnormal temperature readings or individuals not wearing a mask
Automatic ID badge printing for visitors and staff
Optional facial recognition to recognise and allow entry to vetted individuals within the facial database
Built-in RFID reader for entry using access control cards/fobs
Integrate with gates, turnstiles and door access
Plug and play solution – can operate standalone with power only
Access and export your logs to excel


Koscar Sign-In Kiosks with Temperature Measurement & Facial Recognition

digtial signage with thermal measurent 6
digtial signage with thermal measurent 2
digtial signage with thermal measurent 4
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